About Us


Founded by John Lee, the company’s core values remain true to its original goals - providing extraordinary 24-hour service to its customers.

Mr. Lee solidly built the transportation company during the 1960’s, cultivating a client base with the utmost care. His fleet may have been modest, but safety, style, and premier service were always priorities. As an alternative to taxi cabs, the concept of “shared rides” via limousines began: this was a large step up in luxury affordable.

After nearly 12 years of ownership, Mr. Lee sold Executive Chauffeuring to the Fosses - close family friends. It has remained in the Foss family’s exceptional care to this day. Remarkably, the ground transportation and limousine service have retained some of its original, loyal clients for over five decades. Now that is a story worth telling!

Kevin Foss has served as Executive Chauffeuring president for the past 32 years and continues in this pivotal role.

While luxury and style are synonymous primarily limousines, Executive Chauffeuring has a broad range of high-end vehicles in its fleet. At the core, it’s a ground transportation service, with the ability to meet a wide variety of client needs and the capability to find the perfect solution for every occasion. Convenience, flexibility, innovation, safety and style are the heart of the company’s “premier service” standard. To choose the right vehicle for your next trip or event, consider our Fleet.

Executive Chauffeuring maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of many prominent transportation and hospitality associations. It was ranked 32nd by Limousine Charter, and Tour (LCT), which rates the top 100 large fleets in the U.S. Customers can be guaranteed of our high level of credibility and dependability.