How does wearable technology help Business Travel?


Wearable technology isn’t new, but it’s one of the newest travel benefits. We know it’s not always easy to navigate airports with your hands full and luggage trying to call our limo rental in Chicago to make a reservation or answer a text from our private transportation in Chicago about your location. It’s even more difficult to find your boarding pass on your phone and/or dig through your wallet or handbag for your printed pass, which is why we love wearable technology so much in business travel. Despite what some people may think, it has a very important role in business travel.

It’s Subtle

Business travel doesn’t always mean spending time in the airport or the back of our luxury limos. It also means spending time in meetings, and there is nothing less subtle than sending text messages and checking email on your phone in the middle of a meeting. When you take advantage of wearable technology, though, you have the option to do both while you aren’t holding onto anything. You can respond to texts with pre-made responses, read emails, and even keep track of your stats for the day on your wrist. It’s helpful, and it’s much subtle than breaking out your cell every 5 minutes.

You Have Free Hands

Navigating the airport with full hands is difficult, but it’s made easier when you have wearable technology. Now you can download your boarding pass on your smart watch and scan that, so it’s always on hand but never taking up space in your hands. You can also carry on a conversation on your watch so you don’t need to burden yourself with a phone and your carry-on, you can have updates on your flight sent to your watch so you can read them while your hands are already busy with bags, and you’ll see when we text you to let you know we are here waiting for you without digging out your phone.

It’s Healthy

When you can see how many calories you’ve burned, how many hours you’ve been active, and how many minutes you’ve gotten exercise throughout the day right on your wrist thanks to reminders throughout the day, it motivates you. It might help you make healthier eating decisions when you see you’ve burned fewer calories than normal, and it might encourage you to get into the gym when you have a free hour. Good health is not something you want to ignore when you’re on the road for business, and a smart watch helps keep you motivated.

We know it’s not easy to stay healthy or relaxed while you’re traveling, but we know wearable technology can help. We want you to have an enjoyable trip, and that’s why we offer you luxurious vehicles. Our chauffeurs are professional and courteous, and we always offer the best service. If you want quality transportation and a great reputation, you’ll call us for your transportation needs the next time you are here on business.

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Posted on May 23 2017

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