How to Turn Business Setbacks into Business Success


Whatever area of business you’re in, you’ll inevitably experience some form of setback over the course of your career. But as the experts say, it’s not the failures that determine your success but rather the way in which you respond to them. Below we share our best advice for turning your setbacks into success – with no regrets!

  • Use them as a learning opportunity

Always approach any issue or setback as an opportunity to learn how to respond to the situation and put it right the next time around. The old adage ‘you learn from your mistakes’ is well known for a reason – you should keep an open mind and be willing to apply whatever this setback has taught you about your approach to business. Don’t let the fear of failure put you off taking risks – indeed, an element of risk taking is essential to any business in order to grow.

  • Find the positives

Always look for the positive aspect of any setback – you may not be able to find anything obvious but think over it and you will be sure to find something, however minor. If you messed up on a big order that has prompted an angry email from an estranged sales rep, use your response as an opportunity to get back in touch more regularly. If you’ve sent an important report where the formulas have skewed your data in Excel, suggest to your boss that you take some training to rectify the issue. These are small and particular examples, but should give you a sense of the positive detail you can take even from minor issues or setbacks.

  • Don’t dwell on them for too long

While you should examine your setbacks for the lessons and positive aspects you can take away, try not to brood over them too much, or dwell on the negative impact that the setback may have caused. Try to be pragmatic and keep the issue in perspective – even something that may seem like a huge problem to you might not be picked up or have any impact on anyone else, so try not to worry. Dwelling on issues for too long will only cause you to waste valuable time over something that has already happened and you cannot change, as well as causing undue stress and anxiety.

  • Take advice

Don’t bottle it all up if you experience a serious problem or setback – share your concerns with someone you can trust and who will be able to offer advice on your predicament. You’ll find that an outside perspective can be refreshing and will allow you to move on from the setback in a positive vein and with renewed vigor. Take in as much advice as you practically can and always be there for others in return – they’ll undoubtedly experience their own setbacks down the line!

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Posted on Jan 30 2018

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