Travel Essentials for Stress Relief


Traveling can be stressful sometimes. From delayed flights and jet lag to moving in a completely different environment, you have a lot of stress to handle. We have been in the business of providing private transportation in Chicago for decades. We offer comfortable, luxurious and professional Chicago chauffeur service at affordable rates. Our chauffeurs know when you are stressed and are always willing to look for new ways to turn your travel experience into something more fun and enjoyable. We also have a few essentials you need to consider for a stress-free travel.

Come to the Airport Two Hours Earlier

It is important you arrive two hours before the flight. This way, you won’t develop anxiety from the fear that you will miss the flight. You can use any of our chauffeured luxury services to help you leave home earlier and more relaxed.

Do Not Forget Your Travel Pillow

Sometimes traveling implies long flights and this can cause more stress than usual. A travel pillow can do the difference. We are sure you experienced the goof state of mind given by a good night sleep. Why not enjoy a wonderful travel experience every time?

Dress for Comfort

Make sure you have comfortable clothing when traveling. Wear shoes that you can comfortably use at the airport and your destination. Also, wear clothes that you can easily move around with. Pack layers if you are traveling to a cold place.

Carry Essential Oils

Oils made from lavender and eucalyptus extracts have scents that can help you calm down and reduce stress. Make sure you pack some to enjoy a little more during your trip. You can also use peppermint oil to help relieve pain and citronella to repel mosquitoes.

Do Not Forget a Book

Life gets more hectic when you are traveling. Carry one or two books to keep you busy and draw your mind away from any stressors. This is also the perfect time to catch up with your book collection especially if you have no time for reading at home.

Eat Well Before You Travel

Eat a healthy meal before you embark on your journey. Doing this will help you avoid purchasing expensive food at the airport or relying on dubious in-flight meals. Avoid foods that will make you sick, such as berries, frozen foods, raw eggs, raw vegetables, and soda.

Plan for Likely Hazards

Potential hazards likely to occur when traveling include someone asking you to do extra work at the last minute, running late for the flight or kids getting hungry and grumpy. Plan ahead of time. Tell those who are likely to delay to be ready at least 20 minutes before you leave for the airport. Tell your friends or workmates that you are going away two days before leaving to avoid last minute requests.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

It is natural to experience adrenaline rush when you are about to travel. Take a few minutes and breathe deeply and slowly. It is also advisable you sit down for at least five minutes after you get off the plane. Doing this will help you reduce stress significantly.

Use Ear Buds

Make sure you carry ear buds when traveling. You don’t want to listen to people’s conversations all the way to your destination, especially when you already have a headache.

Posted on Jul 18 2017

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