Tips for Organizing Your Home Office


With more and more people regularly working from home, whether that’s full-time remote freelancers or the occasional day away from the regular commute into the office, it has never been more important to organize a designated workspace to stay comfortable and work efficiently from home. We’ve put together our top tips to help you organize your most productive home-based workspace yet.

  • Define your space

Make sure you have a well-defined area to use as your home office. Ideally this would be a separate room entirely, but if that’s not possible then set up a workspace in a quiet corner of your home (or as quiet as you can manage!) and try to keep your work to this area – that way you are not taking over the entire living space and you are also helping to keep your home and work life separate.

  • Invest in a good desk and filing system

A decent filing system and desk can be pricey; however, both are well worth the investment if you are planning to work from home on a regular basis. A good filing system will help you keep all your work in order and your workspace tidy, and a large desk will allow you to spread your work out as needed and ensure a comfortable working environment.

  • Fill your space with light

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a dark and dreary corner whilst you work, so if possible try and position your desk or workspace next to a window that will give you good natural light and allow you a view of the outside world. If that’s not possible then make sure the area is well lit with ceiling lights and lamps. You will also want to acquire a good desk lamp whether you are by a window or not, that way you can keep your office area well-lit and easy to work in in any conditions.

  • Remove distractions

Try to get rid of anything in the room that may distract you from your work such as a TV. If that’s not possible then you’ll have to ask others around you to try not to use anything in the vicinity of your workspace that will distract you from your tasks – and be strict with yourself! It can be tempting to switch on the television or listen to your digital radio if they are within easy reach, but be honest with yourself if these are likely to cause a distraction and limit your usage to break times.

  • Get a comfortable chair

A key to efficient home working is having a comfortable, supportive desk chair that will allow you to work all day without the distraction of an aching back or stiff neck. Take the time to do your research and test out a few chairs before you buy to find the best one for you – look out for chairs that offer height adjustability, good back support, tilting functions, and a decent level of cushioning.

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Posted on Jan 23 2018

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