Why It Pays to Be Flexible When It Comes to Business Travel


There can be many benefits that come with planning and booking all the finer details of your business trip far in advance, however being able to stay flexible and react to the needs of your business more nimbly can sometimes be a huge advantage. Read on for our take on the reasons you should consider keeping your business travel as flexible as possible.

  • You can get great last-minute hotel rates

It can be a risky strategy, but leaving hotel bookings until the last minute can get you some fantastic deals. Just beware of any reason that the area you are planning to stay in may be particularly busy when you visit – the last thing you want is there to be zero availability or increased rates due to the popularity of your dates. Do your research, though, and you could find yourself in a top-class hotel at a bargain price.

  • You can earn benefits if you change your flight

If your flight is overbooked and airline representatives ask for volunteers who are willing to give up their seats, consider whether you can afford to fly at a later date or time and volunteer to go on an alternative flight if possible. Usually airlines will offer perks such as extra miles or a complimentary trip up to a certain value. It is a great way to get some additional benefits if your travel time is not absolutely critical.

  • You can visit clients only when its necessary

Keeping plans flexible means you can react more quickly to the needs of your client. If they have other commitments or something comes up that means they need to delay meeting with you then you are able to adapt your plans to suit. When you book your airline ticket consider purchasing a flexible fare – these usually cost a little more but give you the option to change your flights to suit your needs

  • It gives you the chance to explore new places

If you don’t overload your itinerary prior to your trip it can give you a great opportunity to discover interesting new places. If you pass by a restaurant or receive a recommendation for a local attraction whilst you are traveling then you’ll have the time in your schedule to check it out and maybe discover a new hidden gem – not so easy when you have mapped out every minute of your day prior to traveling. If you can be flexible on your return to the office and you’re enjoying exploring the area, consider adding a couple of vacation days on to your trip – that way you can take advantage of the opportunity to visit a new city without worrying about leisure activities impacting on the business purpose of your trip.

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Posted on Jan 09 2018

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