Old Business Habits to Avoid in 2018


Make 2018 the year you break out of bad business habits and take practical steps to improve your prospects and build future successes. Follow our tips below and you can ensure your business stays prosperous for the year ahead and beyond.

  • Not taking risks

No business or individual can be truly successful without taking some risks in order to move forward, but it can be a daunting task. The key is to make sure you are taking calculated risks – conduct a careful and thorough risk analysis and if the reasoning stacks up then take the plunge. If you are unsure how to go about analyzing levels of risk for a crucial decision then consult a business management expert who will be able to guide you in the process of analysis and implementing mitigation measures.

  • Not letting others take on important tasks

It can be difficult to relinquish control and let others take on crucial aspects of your growing business or job role, but be realistic about what you can effectively manage – you can’t do everything. Make sure the individual or team taking on the task or role is well-trained, and if practical then consider arranging regular catch-ups to check on progress which will help them manage these tasks more effectively and put your mind at ease too.

  • Being too reactive

The business world is evolving more rapidly than ever before, with the speed of technological change constantly creating new challenges and opportunities. You cannot afford to be reactive – make sure you stay on top of trends in your field by reading blogs, attending conferences, and regularly liaising with peers in your industry. Immediately take practical, proactive steps to address the threats and opportunities that you identify and you will remain ahead of the competition, let the grass grow under your feet for too long, however, and you will struggle to keep pace with other businesses.

  • Not seeing the bigger picture

Of course your work keeps you busy and it can be an overwhelming task just getting through your to-do list for the week, let alone looking at the month or year ahead. But try not to let the small details and everyday tasks get in the way of the bigger picture and allow yourself some time to plan your future business strategy and check-in with your long-term and short-term goals. This sort of planning can get neglected when business is busy but you will reap the benefits if you consistently allow time to address the bigger picture, and could end up regretting it if you do not.

  • Using a bad car service

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Posted on Jan 03 2018

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