How to Hold Your Meeting When You’re Traveling


Your business demands regular travel, but the constant stream of work doesn’t stop once you’ve set foot outside the office. One thing you can probably count on is that your boss or co-worker will inevitably schedule that important meeting when you’re gone. Luckily, there are some easy ways you can still join your coworkers and not miss out on any important decisions being taken while you travel. We’ve put together some of our top suggestions so you don’t have to let travel get in your way.

  • Rent an office or co-working space

Many cities offer day-by-day office rental or co-working spaces where you can show up, pay a fee, and use the space as needed so you can connect to a video or phone conference. This can be a great option if you don’t have a hotel in the city or if you need a quieter environment with a good, reliable Wi-Fi connection. It would also be useful if you are traveling with co-workers who need to be involved in the meeting as it allows you to get together and share the facilities so that at least you are all in one physical space when you are connecting back to your office, which should reduce the possibility of technical problems.

  • Use video conferencing software

There are a whole host of excellent video conferencing applications now available such as Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, or LyteSpark. Beware of completely free services as these may not be able to offer the technical robustness of premium services and could cause connectivity and quality issues that end up costing precious time and effort instead.

  • Use instant messaging

Ask yourself if it is really necessary to hold a formal ‘meeting’ – if you are traveling and aren’t able to settle in a quiet spot so you can concentrate, instant messaging might be the best solution. More complex discussions may not be well suited to this format but if you are simply catching up on progress with some team members then this could be the ideal solution. Google+ Hangouts, Spark, or Jabber are all excellent options that can be tailored specifically for business use. Ask your colleagues to log in to the service at a set time, as you would for a regular meeting, then chat away!

  • Have a co-worker stand in for you

There are occasions when it’s simply not possible for you to join a meeting while you travel – particularly if you are on a long flight or moving quickly between back-to-back meetings. In these instances, and if the meeting really cannot wait, consider having a co-worker stand in on your behalf. This is particularly useful if your involvement in the meeting is generally for information – this way a co-worker can make notes on all the content and report back to you so you can act on it later as needed. Just be sure to give them a full briefing on the subject of the meeting before they attend so that they are able to contribute if required.

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Posted on Feb 13 2018

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