How to Build a Successful Team


Success at work isn’t always personal – if you are managing a team as part of your job role you want to ensure that everyone pulls together in the most effective way to achieve the goals of your organization. Putting this into practice is certainly easier said than done, but follow our top tips below and you will start to see your team flourish.

  • Foster different working styles

Although you may all be working together towards a common goal, not everyone has the same working style. For example, while some team members may be outgoing and assertive, others may be quieter and more reserved as they go about their daily work. This is no bad thing, and it is essential to have a good mix of personalities and approaches in order to achieve the best balance, but be aware and train staff on identifying their own working style so they can be conscious of the effect they have on others and ultimately improving the way they work as a team. As well as this, consider that your team members may have very different job functions that will cause them to approach different parts of a project in a particular way. Be mindful that what might seem like a small issue to you could be a crucial aspect of their particular role and responsibilities.

  • Schedule regular catch-ups

Regularly checking on progress is essential for building strong and focused teams. If possible, a one-on-one catch up will help staff members feel valued and will give them the opportunity to raise any particular issues or concerns, or of course successes. Depending on the breadth and scale of your team you may also find it useful to hold regular team meetings where staff can give each other an update on their progress or current workload so that help can be offered as needed, and your team will feel more connected and better aware of their common goals and how to work together to achieve them.

  • Set goals and reward achievements

Motivate your team by setting clear and precise goals both individually and as a collective entity. This way everybody is focused on a measurable target which makes it much easier to move forward as a team. You must also ensure that you reward your team members for their hard work once they achieve their goals. They will then be motivated to work towards future targets and you will gain trust and respect for recognizing when your team has worked well and not letting it go unacknowledged.

  • Organize a team building exercise

Getting your team out of their everyday working environment and trying a team building activity is a fantastic way to build confidence, teamwork, and morale in your staff. This can be anything from strenuous activities such as woodland obstacle courses, raft building, or dragon boat racing, to more sedentary pursuits such as trivia, cooking classes, or wine tasting. Whatever activity you might decide on, be sure to choose our Chicago car service to add an extra special touch to your team building day out – we have a range of options to suit different group sizes and our professional chauffeurs will transport your team in the upmost luxury and comfort so you can be sure they’ll experience a day to remember.

Posted on Jan 16 2018

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