Best Ways for Business Travelers to Stay Productive on the Airplane


Long flights can be both boring and uncomfortable. But for business professionals who have a lot to do, it does not have to be that way. Optimistic entrepreneurs see them as an opportunity to get a bit of work done.

Talk To People

If you are an introvert, making social connections might have been a challenge when you started as an entrepreneur. That is not to say that you should be a pushy salesperson. But if you start talking about yourself, you might find a kindred spirit with whom you could do business.

Read An Educational Book

An important aspect of any industry is to read what scholars have had to say about it. As an entrepreneur, you might not have much free time to read. The flight will provide that opportunity.

Do Tedious Work

There are a lot of tasks that are not particularly difficult, but they take a while to complete. Data entry might be one example. Also since you are on the plane, it would be unlikely that you would get distracted by more serious work.

Take A Nap

It might sound counterproductive, but it is not. Your mental health is just as important as your work. If you are not well-rested, you might not be able to perform as efficiently as you would like.

Ensure That Your Devices Are Charged

This is especially true if you have a full itinerary after you land. If you have to get to a business meeting, you do not want to appear flustered because your laptop containing critical information is dead.

Think About Your Goals

When entrepreneurs are so focused on the daily grind, they sometimes forget to think about the big picture. Since you have a couple of hours to be alone with your thoughts, gather some clarity and think about your goals. Write them down.

Download Everything You Need

You should expect that a significant amount of your work will be conducted offline. The flight is probably not the best time to schedule an important video chat with a colleague. The plane's WiFi is probably going to cut in and out. So, before getting to work, download the documents that you need. Start writing e-mails on Microsoft Word so that you are not dependent on the internet.

Make A Flight Schedule

Time goes by faster when it is in blocks. For example, establish that you are going to work for 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break.

Make Arrangements For Your Trip

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Make use of your time on the plane. Think about what might stress you out during your trip and get it out of the way before the plane lands. After you have concluded your business schedule, you could have our chauffeurs take you to some of Chicago's nightlife scenes.

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Posted on Jun 20 2017

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